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Wees waterwys en waterbewus in jou tuin

Hierdie is ’n verkorte en aangepaste weergawe van ’n artikel wat op MARKtoe! se webtuiste verskyn het. Toe ek, as tuinier, nagedink het oor die onderwerp van waterwystuinmaak en probeer het om die aard en formaat van hierdie artikel te konseptualiseer, het ek nie...

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Gardening in small spaces

This month we are looking at another aspect of gardening – how to create a garden in a small space. When we think of gardens we think of large trees, herbaceous borders, and rolling lawns. Unfortunately, the reality of life today is that urban densification has vastly...

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Summertime and the livin is easy

Preparing your garden for the joys of summer living. Spring is a notable time in any garden. It is not difficult to see that everything is coming back to life after the cold chills of winter. As the days get longer, the soil temperatures go up, and this triggers...

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The rites of Spring – Sowing and planting

All over the world spring is associated with that time of year when garden seeds are sown. In many parts of South Africa however, we are blessed with milder winters and warmer autumns. It is therefore possible to have two spring seasons, but unfortunately only as far...

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The medicinal use of plants

It is difficult to imagine a time when we did not have access to after-hours pharmacies and the convenience of pharmacies in our local supermarkets and shopping centres. Nowadays, medicines and pharmaceuticals are readily available, and in some instances we even have...

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They are what they eat

As long as farmers have been farming they have tried various methods to improve the plant nutrition in their crops. In early times farmers noted that if they planted the same crops on the same lots the latter crops were not as healthy. They found the easiest way to...

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Turfgras by die huis

Die meeste van ons hou van die idee van ’n sagte, groen grasperk in ons tuin, maar in die meeste gevalle weet ons dat die werklikheid ’n heeltemal ander storie is. Dit is belangrik om te besef dat ’n grasperk wat ’n piekniek waardig is, ’n bietjie beplanning, deeglike...

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Cut away dead wood

As long as gardeners have been cultivating crops they have been developing various techniques in order to manipulate their crops to suit their needs. This in part is what agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, and every other culture does – manipulate functions and...

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