Community Development

GroundWorks has extensive experience with community development programmes and projects, focusing primarily on job creation, the alleviation of crime and poverty and the health and well being of our indigent communities through poverty alleviation interventions.

We have done this through our social change management methodologies that require full community participation and our aim is to stimulate, grow and sustain our communities into integrated, coordinated and holistic communities.

GroundWorks is a Non-Profit Organisation promoting social upliftment through sustainable urban green living initiatives and poverty alleviation through agriculture. Our objectives are to develop partnerships in order to deal with poverty in a structured, integrative, developmental and sustainable manner, and to ensure that resources are optimally utilised to maximise the impact of any poverty alleviation program. We promote and deliver these initiatives in a consultative, well planned and effective manner to facilitate socio-economic reconstruction and development.

Of prime importance to GroundWorks is the alleviation of poverty and the creation of greater opportunities for community members through livelihoods’ projects.

Our areas of expertise include:

• Environmental Rehabilitation
• Grass Works
• Hard Landscaping
• Irrigation
• Landscaping Commercial
• Landscaping Residential
• Maintenance Commercial
• Maintenance Residential
• Roof and Urban Gardens
• Specialized Turf
• Tree Felling and Pruning
• Water Features

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